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From Lethal to Legal: 3 Weapons You Can (probably) Own - Tested and Reviewed

From Lethal to Legal: 3 Weapons You Can (probably) Own - Tested and Reviewed
Welcome to the newest video of KOMBATIV's YouTube Channel, called 'Into the Armory"! This week, Eddie is hosting as he displays, reviews, and demonstrates some of the newest and coolest weapons at KOMBATIV. Which would be your chosen pick to take home?

Watch as Eddie shows off three featured weapons, and talks about their 'battle' with being legal and a lot of the history behind that. Sometimes it is obvious why an item is legally restricted, but sometimes it doesn't make much sense, and there's certainly a story behind it!

The first weapon up for demonstration is the Tactical Trailing Point Karambit. Kyle has shown this off before, but Eddie loved it so much, he just had to have a go at using it on a defenseless pumpkin!

Next up is the Black OTF Knuckle Knife. These knuckle duster trench knives are not only two weapons in one, the automatic blade means it can switch from one form to the other in record time. Both the knife part and the knuckle part of this epic weapon have spent time on the banned list, so tune in to find out more.

The last weapon for this week's episode is the Spring Loaded Expandable Baton. Any kind of expanding weapon can be sure to get some shade from the East Coast, but why is that? Eddie does a good job of describing what weapons qualify as batons, and why they are so restricted in the New England areas.

As always, make sure to check your local laws before ordering to make sure that the item is legal to be shipped and owned in your area. And thanks for watching this week's 'Into the Armory'!

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6/1/24 - 7:09pm
I really liked the auto baton, and the OTF knuckle knife.

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