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At KOMBATIV, our friendly and knowledgeable staff prides itself in extraordinary customer service.  Please feel free to contact us any time you have questions. We even take orders over the phone.



Phone: 1-800-696-0436

Phone Support is Available:  Monday-Friday: 9AM - 2PM Arizona Time

Returns and Exchanges Policy - PLEASE READ CAREFULLY!  
KOMBATIV is an online retail store that sells brand-new items. When you make a purchase from us, you may inspect your new items to ensure the quality. However, once an item loses its brand-new status, it no longer has any value to us, and is therefore not returnable. Defective items may not be replaced for any order over 30 days from receiving your package. If you return merchandise that is in violation of these guidelines, no refund or credit will be issued. We will contact you and attempt to make arrangements to have your package returned to you.


What You May Return: 
  • You may return new items that are suitable for resale, provided your return is postmarked no later than 30 days from the date you received your order
What You May NOT Return: 
  • Anything that has been damaged, altered, soiled, or washed
  • Items that smell like cigarette smoke
  • Anything that has been contaminated with animal hair
  • Special order or custom items
  • Weapons - either practice or real, unless they are defective
  • Items that you have had longer than 30 days


Note: Our written policy might sound a little harsh, but some people do try to take advantage and we have to protect ourselves and our customers. KOMBATIV and its employees are committed to customer service and will make every possible effort to make your experience with us a positive one!

Returned Packages:
If your package is returned to KOMBATIV marked as "refused", "unclaimed", or "undeliverable" and you would like to have it re-shipped, we will unfortunately need to charge you for the shipping amount it costs us to ship it back to you.

How to cancel or modify your order  
Please call us immediately if you need to cancel or modify your order. Once your order has been submitted, we may not be able to make any changes because our shippers work very fast. If you call quickly, it is possible under certain circumstances that we can make changes to your order. If you have any questions about an order you have placed, please contact our Customer Service department. 
Check your order status 
You can check the status of your order anytime by going to the account page. Even if you didn't create an account when placing your order, you can still check your order status as long as you have your Order ID and the shipping zip code.


The majority of packages are delivered by the day indicated when the package is tracked. The tracking page will alert you to delays that occur due to weather or other unforeseen or unavoidable circumstances. Please make arrangements to receive your package when it is delivered. A common practice is to have your package delivered to your place of business. Businesses typically send and receive much more mail than private residences and are available during the day to receive shipments. If you aren't home during the day to receive you package, consider having it sent to your work.

My Tracking Number Says "Delivered", but I don't have my package. Now What? 
If your package was handled by a local post office or delivery service, the tracking information may indicate that your order has been delivered once it arrives at the local post office or delivery services facility. However, your package may still be one or two days from being delivered to your address. Please be patient. In the great majority of cases, the tracking information has been updated early and your package should arrive soon.


 If your package still hasn't shown up after a few days, go through the following checklist before calling customer service to make absolutely sure that your package is actually missing:


  1. Check the Area Surrounding the Delivery Location. Often, well-meaning delivery personnel will hide a package from its intended recipient by placing it in a concealed location safe from potential thieves. Check side porches, rear entrances, in and around garages, and behind bushes or outdoor fixtures.
  2. Make sure no one else has accepted delivery on your behalf. Check with family members, roommates, apartment managers, building personnel, mail room, front desk, concierge, or anyone else who may have accepted delivery on your behalf.
  3. Check Your Mailbox. Many of the packages that we send are delivered by the US Post Office and are placed in the normal mail receptacle. This happens quite often.
  4. Check Your Parcel Locker. If you live in a complex where the mailboxes are grouped together, be sure to check your mailbox for a key that will open the large parcel locker. The parcel locker is almost always found attached to the smaller mailboxes. This is where you will almost always find larger packages that have been delivered by the US Postal Service.
  5. Check for a Mail Hold. Make sure that the Postal Service isn't holding your mail. If there is a mail hold attached to your name or address, your mail will not be delivered.
  6. Check for a Notice of Attempted Delivery. Make sure that there isn't a notice from the Post Office on your door, in your mail box, or P.O. Box. If you find a notice follow the directions on it to request re-delivery.
  7. Contact the Carrier. If your package was sent using the Post Office and you have the same mail carrier every day, you should contact that person and find out if they have any information about your package.

 If you have gone through this list and still don't have your package, please contact customer service at 1-800-696-0436 or via email at

You must notify us within 15 days from the date of your order if your package has not been received.


Wholesale Accounts 
We offer wholesale accounts to martial arts instructors and school owners. If you are interested in learning more about our wholesale program, please contact customer service at 1-800-696-0436 or email us at


Safety and Privacy
At KOMBATIV, our goal is to make your shopping experience safe, convenient and worry-free. Our privacy and security programs make sure that every transaction made at KOMBATIV is 100% safe and guaranteed. All of your personal information is protected by our Secure Server Software (SSL) which fully encrypts and protects all of your personal data (name, address, credit card number) so that it can not be read by anyone over the internet. Because we respect the privacy of our customers, KOMBATIV has established this Privacy Policy for our users and members to maintain their privacy as set forth below. What follows is the explanation of why, what, and how we gather information from you. We also describe the way in which we use the information that we gather. There are also mechanisms set forth below on how you can let us know if you wish to limit the use of that information. Our Privacy Policy is part of the website located at, and governs your use of the website. The Website is owned by KOMBATIV. (the "Company").
All persons using this website or registering to be a member must be 18 years of age or older.
Since we began on the Internet, the Company has always provided our customers and users with the highest caliber of goods, coupled with excellent customer service. We have provided access to useful information about our products and we hope we have created a very pleasant Internet experience. We need to retain your personal information to allow us and/or certain third parties to communicate with you. The information is also used to process your orders and provide a more personal experience. We also use the information to let you take advantage of promotions and discounts.
What information about you do we compile? 
Through our Website and any affiliated websites and emails, all information that you give us whether placing an order, emailing us, joining in a contest, membership and/or promotion or otherwise, is collected by us. We collect the following information: your name, address, telephone number, email address, birth date, billing information (credit card number, expiration date and billing address), products purchased, and all appropriate promotion codes and information. If a gift is sent, the gift and message person's name, address, telephone number, email address, and any other information you provide to us may also be collected.
Our website is using Google Analytics, Google Signals, Google AdWords and Google remarketing services which are all services by Google. Google Analytics uses cookies and similar technologies to analyze and improve our website based on your usage behavior. Google AdWords conversion tracking and Google remarketing also use cookies and similar technologies in order to measure the performance of advertisements placed (so-called AdWords campaigns) and to show you individualized advertising messages on websites that collaborate with Google.

If you have enabled personalized advertising in your Google account, Google will be able to prepare data models and reports on website habits, which show for instance on which device you first clicked on an advertisement and on which device any eventual purchase took place. These data models and reports are based on random samples and are pseudonymised to ensure anonymity, which means that we are unable to draw any conclusions as to the identities of the individual Google users. How Google uses the collected data: If you so choose you can opt out from Google analytics cookies by visiting this link: Google Analytics Opt-Out Add-on.
What are "cookies" and how are they utilized? 
A "cookie" is a file stored on your computer by a website which identifies you by a particular identification code. This cookie allows our site to know that you are a customer and retains information about your use of this website. It also allows us to make certain features available to you. If you wish to stop the use of cookies, you can do so by through the Help Menu on the toolbar of most web browsers. However, the cookies allow you to take full advantage of all features on the website.
Information collected from you and our use of it. 
All information collected from you is used by us to take orders, send emails to you, and provide the most efficient and fastest Internet experience. Collecting this information allows us to offer you special deals, discounts, and promotions. However, we do not make email addresses available to third parties (except to our Affiliates, subcontractors or agents acting on our behalf in compliance with this Privacy Policy) or any Successors to our business unless you have given your consent. If you do not want us to share your information follow the directions set forth below.
In the event we merge, consolidate, sell, or transfer all or substantially all of the assets of our Company by, with, or into another company (a "Successor"), one of the assets which would generally be transferred is the information we collect from our customers and users. However, the use of this information by any Successor would still be governed by the terms of this Privacy Policy, as amended from time to time, including any amendment after such transaction. You will continue to have the right to opt-out of sharing your information with third parties.
Information will be disclosed to comply with any law, regulation, governmental or law enforcement request, or judicial process. It will also be disclosed if the disclosure is needed or necessary for the proper operation of our website, including but not limited to the conduct of promotions and contests, etc. Disclosure may also be required to protect our rights, or the rights of our Affiliates, users, customers, etc.
Any user ID and password used in connection with our website is our property and is to be used by you for your use of our website. Each individual using our website is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their password. Since you are responsible for your password, any activities with the use of your password are your responsibility, whether or not authorized by you. We request that you immediately notify us of any unauthorized use of your password or any other information.
KOMBATIV is operated in the United States. If you are located anywhere outside the United States, please be aware that any information you provide to us will be transferred to the United States. By using the Website or providing us with your information, you hereby consent to this transfer. In addition, if you provide data to us about other individuals (such as your message recipients), you agree that you have obtained consent from each such individual to the submission and processing of such information under the terms of this Privacy Policy, including without limitation the transfer of such data to the United States. Although we will collect and use your information only as stated in this Privacy Policy, laws generally applicable to the protection of personal data in the United States may not be as stringent as those in some users' home jurisdictions. 
Opt-Out Request 
KOMBATIV values and respects the privacy of our customers. If you would like your information removed from our database, please contact us by emailing or calling us at 1-800-696-0436 to request the removal of your personal information.
Your Security 
If you place an order, our website encrypts the credit card number you submit prior to transmission over the Internet using secure socket layer (SSL) encryption technology. This technology works best when the site is viewed using Microsoft's Internet Explorer® or Mozilla Firefox®. However, no transmission of data over the Internet or any other public network can be guaranteed to be 100% secure. Although we make reasonable efforts to safeguard your personal information once we receive it, we cannot warrant the security of information you transmit to us.
Martial Arts Weapons 
Weapons sold on the KOMBATIV website are intended for demonstration use only. Use and misuse of martial arts weapons involves serious risks, including injury, disability and death. Weapons should only be used under expert supervision. Weapons should be inspected before each use to ensure that they are in proper condition so as to reduce the risk of injury. Do not use any weapon that is not in the proper condition. Weapons should not be used for sparring or contact. Sales of certain items are governed by local, state, federal and international law. It is the buyer's responsibility to check all applicable law concerning use, ownership, legal age and possession of any product offered on this website. By purchasing any item, the buyer warrants compliance with all local, state, federal and international law, and that the buyer is legally able to purchase the item(s). KOMBATIV disclaims any and all liability related to improper, illegal, unintended use or modification of weapons sold through this website. The purchaser, user or participant assumes all risk of injury from use. No weapons are sold to anyone under 18 years of age without parental consent. Some weapons may be prohibited in your area. Please check state statutes and local ordinances before ordering.
Assumption of Risks 
Participation in the martial arts should be considered a high-risk activity. Your participation in the martial arts is at your own risk. You agree to consult with your personal physician before participating in any of these high-risk activities. By purchasing products on this website, you understand and agree that the martial arts are high-risk activities and you expressly and voluntarily assume the risk of death or other personal injury sustained while participating in such activities whether or not caused by the negligence or other fault of KOMBATIV, including but not limited to equipment malfunction from whatever cause, or any other fault of KOMBATIV. Additionally, you agree to indemnify, defend and hold KOMBATIV harmless from any third party claims arising from such high risk activities.