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Staffs (Bo & Jo)

The bo staff is more than just a stick. This martial arts weapon has become popular because of its length and design gives it a powerful reach. Martial artists also like to use traditional bo staffs to demonstrate kata and spins. Traditional staffs were weapons used by commoners and were often fashioned out of natural materials like wood or rattan. We at KOMBATIV have worked hard to improve on the bo staff without deviating too far from the traditional feel that martial artists know and love.

One major innovation coming out of our Arizona warehouse is our metal bo staffs, such as our Machined Aluminum Bo Staff. We apply cutting-edge machining techniques and innovative design to craft weapons that work well in the dojo and even out in the real world. We also work to ensure that all of our staffs are top quality, whether they are the five and six foot length bo staffs, the four-foot jo staff, or even the three-foot hanbo.

We also apply our innovative thinking to new and unique designs, such as our line of expandable bo staffs available in six different colors that can be collapse down from a five- or six-foot staff to an easy-to-carry size. We've also got a 2-Piece Expandable Bo Staff, which can convert from two batons into a five-foot staff. Our innovative approach combines the traditional feel of these classic weapons with modern materials and designs so that the weapons we make are strong, light, and beautiful.

If you have any questions about our bo and jo staffs, feel free to contact us. Due to shipping costs, we are not able to ship bo staffs to Hawaii, Alaska, or Puerto Rico.
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Products 1 - 24 of 44
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