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Throwing Knives and Cards

You don't have to be a professional circus artist or be an experienced Arnis knife combat fighter to pick up some razor sharp throwing daggers! With just a bit of practice and some good aim, you too can fling a stainless steel knife thrower and hit a bullseye. Throwing knives are different from your standard utility knives, as kunai often come with a sharp tip but dull blade to minimize the potential for self inflicted injuries during practice. The sharp tips on these knives stick well into a bullseye and some have wrapped handles for a secure grip.

Whether you're using these knife throwers for sport or for entertainment, you're sure to get a well balanced blade that will make sure you hit your target with accuracy. Kunai knives and throwing knife sets are popular for their variety of shapes, weights, and sizes, from throwing cards to bat throwers. You can build your skill and impress friends with some cool spin tricks, have fun with some target practice at family gatherings, and who doesn't want to receive a throwing knife set as a gift?

Although we wish everyone could have the opportunity to try out these awesome throwing blades, some throwing knives are restricted in some municipalities. Please check your local laws prior to ordering!
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Products 1 - 13 of 13