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What are the Best Nunchucks for You?

What are the Best Nunchucks for You?
There are a lot of nunchucks out there and if you're just getting into them or thinking about expanding your nunchuck abilities by trying different types, it helps to know what the benefits and drawbacks are to different types of nunchucks. Today we're going to go through the different options you have to help you find the best nunchucks for you.


Nunchucks come in a variety of lengths. This is mostly because people come in a variety of sizes. For your basic everyday nunchaku uses, you can determine the ideal handle length by measuring the distance from the top of your palm to your elbow pit. The most common length that people choose is 12", and we have a lot of nunchucks in that particular length, like the Black Grip Aluminum nunchaku. Some of the solid metal nunchaku we make like the Aluminum Hexagon Nunchaku have ten inch handles because any longer and they would be too heavy.

We also have nunchucks that are thinner than most. These so-called speed nunchaku, such as the like the Diamond Grip Speedchucks with Cord, have a thinner diameter that allows for faster kata, but can also be good for people with smaller hands such as children.


Different materials are good for different purposes. The heavier materials that we like to use like the steel in the Black Steel Nunchaku  train your body to apply more of your strength.

Don't be fooled by looking at just the materials, though. While the hexagon nunchucks we mentioned already are made out of aluminum, they're heavy because they are solid. Our competition nunchucks are also made out of aluminum, but they're hollow with thin walls, so get a similar weight as you do with traditional materials like rattan or wood might allow you to move the nunchucks faster (since they're so light), which trains you to react more quickly.


The main two types of connectors are chain and cord. The main benefit to cord connectors is that they are easy to adjust the length or repair if something goes wrong. Chain nunchucks are more durable (especially against knives), though they're a little heavier and can move a little slower. Chain and cord nunchucks feel a little differently because the handles spin with chain connectors. If you still aren't sure after reading this which connector is for you, you may need to try out each and let your body determine what you like better.


The simplest nunchaku handle is a basic round handle. But we have found that it helps to have something to inform your grip, cushion your hands, or just provide additional surface tension to keep your fingers from slipping. There are a number of options. The Black Grip Aluminum Nunchucks have a black rubberized grip. The Aluminum Hexagon Nunchaku help your grip because the hexagonal circumference more accurately reflects the segmented shape of the inside of your hand and the snug fit increases surface tension. Many of our nunchucks have machining on the grips, such as the Machined Aluminum Nunchaku. The crevices increase surface tension on the handles and also give your hand sweat a place to go to so as to avoid extra slippage when things get hot.

So there you have it. These are the considerations for your next nunchaku. Feel free to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the other social media channels to see our new weapons as they are released. If you have any questions about our escrima sticks or any of our other unique weapons, drop us an email ( or call us at 1-800-696-0436.

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5/13/21 - 10:31am
I need it to beat up a stalker that has liked me for 3 years and won’t leave me alone.
3/16/22 - 6:38am
Everything i bought from you so far has been of very good quality.
Ethan Cowan
2/26/23 - 7:56am
i have allways admired you guys and the stuff you make is incredible and i love it

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