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New Lightweight Metal Nunchucks for Competitions and Demonstrations

New Lightweight Metal Nunchucks for Competitions and Demonstrations
Have you been waiting for a set of light nunchucks that you can use to show off your strength, stamina, and speed? Our forge team at Kombativ is constantly innovating and they've come up with a new line of lightweight metal nunchucks that are perfect for martial arts demonstrations.

Your process begins with learning to use nunchaku, becoming faster and stronger. We've helped you in the process with our heavy-duty Diamond Grip Steel Nunchaku that weigh almost two pounds and give you a real workout. The workout you get from heavy nunchucks prepares you for our lightweight aluminum nunchucks because you force your body to apply more force. You quickly train your muscle memory to apply that force with all nunchucks so that when you use, for example, the Gold Competition Nunchucks, which weighs less than a pound, your kata will be faster and harder.

The logic is the same for all of these lightweight nunchucks, which differ only in color:
The design secret of these light metal nunchucks is the thin-walled design. The competition aluminum nunchucks are hollow with a 1/16" thickness and given endcaps for a solid look. Just like the steel nunchucks, as well as our Machined Aluminum Nunchaku, these lightweight colored nunchucks have been machined with a diamond pattern on the grips. This is mostly to help you keep your hold on the nunchucks by increasing surface tension, but particularly with these new competition nunchucks, there is the added effect of looking great, as the machining goes through the anodized color finish to give a shiny chrome color to the pattern.

There you have it. You can use any of these nunchucks at a martial arts competition or you can just have them to have them. Some people like collecting nice-looking weapons and if that's your thing, we've got you covered.

Feel free to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the other social media channels to see our new weapons as they are released. If you have any questions about our Nunchucks or any of our other unique weapons, drop us an email ( or call us at 1-800-696-0436.

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