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Karambit Knives

This great weapon known as a Karambit or Kerambit originated in Indonesia. The sharp, curved shape of these talon knives is said to be inspired by the claws of a tiger. Tough and mighty like its inspiration, this makes for a useful survival and utility knife. These scythe-style knives were initially intended for agricultural labor such as raking roots, gathering threshing, and planting rice. More recently, they've been adopted into different martial arts practices and self-defense.

Traditionally, a karambit knife is held with the blade pointing downwards and the tip curving upwards. While it is primarily used in a slashing or hooking motion, the karambits with the finger rings can be used in a punching motion and used to hit an opponent with the blunt end in close quarter combat. Some karambit knives are designed to be used with a hammering motion. The versatility of striking methods is what makes these knives unique and useful in self defense situations. The finger guard, or security ring, makes it difficult for a potential attacker to disarm you and allows the curved knife to be maneuvered without losing one's grip.

If you're still learning, it's recommended to try out a plastic training karambit. You'll get used to the shape of these Southeast Asian blade weapons without the worry of injuring yourself. Once you start training, you'll be hooked on these amazing claw knives, available on KOMBATIV!
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Products 1 - 32 of 32