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The Deadliest Throwing Knives for Modern Combat! Knife Testing and Review

The Deadliest Throwing Knives for Modern Combat! Knife Testing and Review
Welcome back to another installment of 'Into the Armory'! This week, Eddie is the host that like to show how to hit a bullseye! With some epic throwing knife sets and a combat knife to boot, this week's episode makes for some great viewing!

First up on display is a knife that Eddie really takes a liking to. It's the Modern Combat Tracker Knife, and it's an all around great knife for combat, survival, tracking, training, and whatever else requires a big ol' blade like that. Crafted from thick 1065 German Surgical Steel, this knife and the tactical sheath it comes with will be ready to join you on any mission that you may have signed yourself up for. You can probably throw it too! But of course, take precautions and do so at your own risk.

Next, your host Eddie starts throwing things around. Specifically, he starts tossing the Professional Throwing Knives, and all three of them to be more exact! These heavy yet razor sharp knives have the top to sink into most any target, and a very long handle that is ripe for figuring out what your best technique is going to be. Similar to the smaller versions, these hunks of steel take more precision to learn, but once you do, you'll be acing almost as quickly as Eddie does!

Last up for review and some demonstration is the XL Silver Throwing Knives. This set of three oversized throwing knives has a broad blade shape that gives it so much more surface area for slicing into what you're aiming for. Not only does the wider curve of these throwing knives give the higher success rate, it gives more weight to throw around so you can send them farther than their feather weight counterparts! With a nylon carrying sheath and three knives to send down range, it's a no-brainer that these knives are a cut above the rest!

As always, make sure to check your local laws before ordering to make sure that the item is legal to be shipped and owned in your area. And thanks for watching this episode of 'Into the Armory'!

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