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Hidden Knives

A concealed weapon proves invaluable in a time of need. Usually created with self-defense in mind, hidden knives come in various disguises. A covert knife does not advertise itself as being a lethal weapon, since it is in the shape of a comb, writing pen, or belt buckle, but it can jump into action the moment you require it.

Hidden knives are popular due to their smaller size and emergency preparedness. If you don’t want to carry around a large fixed blade knife, or keep a charged stun gun in your gear bag, then a covert self-defense blade will keep you safe without telling the world that you are armed and dangerous.

Most of our hidden knives we chose to offer are Every Day Carry weapons, compact and undisclosed to any potential threats. Having a hidden knife on you, or gifting one to someone you love, will provide peace of mind since no matter the situation, you will have a weapon against an attacker during a worst case scenario.

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Products 1 - 18 of 18