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Hidden Brush Spike

Price: $17.95
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Hidden Brush Spike

Price: $17.95
Cannot be shipped to CA. Laws vary by state and municipalities. Please check your local laws to be sure this item is legal to possess before ordering.
People's pockets and purses are filled with items that help them get through their days, such as their phones, keys, or pens, but not everyone carries self-defense weapons in preparation for an unexpected attack. Just like everyday carry items help us through our daily routines, everyday carry weapons are tools that arm us for the potential threats we face each day. However, weapons such as guns or knives can be difficult to conceal and aren't always feasible to carry. This Hidden Brush Spike is a disguised self-defense weapon that is easy to carry and conceal on your person! With a durable composite plastic spike, this hidden dagger comb is a discreet weapon that you can bring with you for daily personal protection!

On the outside, this hidden knife looks just like an average comb, but the bristles of this brush hide a dangerous secret. Concealed within the functional comb is a sharp stabbing spike weapon! Pulling the comb section away from the handle reveals the 4.125" long self-defense spike to create a 8.75" long plastic dagger! The disguised comb dagger is constructed from an ABS, nylon, and fiberglass composite material, a highly durable plastic. Lightweight, yet tough, this plastic knife is designed to deliver painful jabs to an attacker or threat. Coming to a fine point, this spike can inflict penetrating puncture wounds against an assailant! The 4.625" long handle has grooves and ridges to enhance your grip as you use your hidden hairbrush weapon to escape a self-defense encounter. Thanks to its stiff, sturdy composite construction, the handle can even be used like a kubotan!

These disguised comb daggers are just as easy to conceal and carry as an ordinary brush. The handle, brush, and spike all have a discreet matte black color that doesn't draw unwanted attention. When the pointed spike is hidden within the brush, this self-defense comb is 9.125" long, small enough to fit in your purse or bag. Because this everyday carry weapon is disguised as a comb, it can even hide in plain sight! Each of these hidden self-defense spikes weighs 3.6 oz, light enough to carry on your person while heavy enough to feel comfortable in your hands. Whether you're walking in the parking garage at night or taking your evening walk, it's easy to keep one of these plastic daggers available in case you need it!

These comb daggers, with their pointed plastic spikes, sturdy handles, and functional brushes, make excellent concealed personal defense weapons for arming yourself against unanticipated attacks. Carry one of these plastic self-defense knives in your purse or pocket to prepare you for the unexpected and give you some peace of mind! Get one of these Hidden Brush Spikes for yourself or someone you know today!

Hidden Brush Spike Highlights:

  • Disguised Weapon - Looks like a Comb
  • Made from ABS/Nylon/Fiberglass Composite
  • Pointed Dagger Spike Hidden Inside
  • Handle Grooves for Grip
  • Discreet Matte Black Color
  • Overall Length (Comb): Approx. 9.125"
  • Overall Length (Dagger): Approx. 8.75"
  • Handle Length: Approx. 4.625"
  • Spike Length: Approx. 4.125"
  • Weight: Approx. 3.6 oz
  • Manufactured by United Cutlery
  • Functional Comb and Self-Defense Weapon!
  • Hidden Weapon - Easy to Carry and Conceal!

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