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Stealth Polymer Weapons Set

Price: $22.95
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Stealth Polymer Weapons Set

Price: $22.95
The secret agent headquarters where they work to invent new weapons must have celebrated after coming up with the Stealth Polymer Weapons Set. This 4-piece set of non-metal self-defense tools has sharp edges and are virtually indestructible. Keeping at least one of these polymer knives on you will make sure you're safe at every meeting you go to.

First up is the longest, an 8-inch tri-sided spike with a textured handle and fierce pointed tip. With pressure, this spiked weapon will surly leave a mark on anyone who gets too close. The rough grip pattern is molded into the handle, so you can keep control of it even with sweaty palms. The next hidden weapon in this set is the 7-inch throwing blade, with two sharp edges and a broad belly that tapers to a pointed tip. The vented handle is for a balanced throw, so you can cause a distraction or misdirect guards away from your only exit.

The third polymer ninja weapon is a partially serrated spearpoint knife, with a straight edge down one side and a serrated section down the other. This is extremely handy for sawing away at cords or ropes that you may have been restrained with. The pointed spear tip will do damage if you apply enough pressure to break skin, and any assailant will see that if they see this concealed knife at all. The last tool is this self defense kit is the knuckle guard, or what looks like an ice scraper with a 2 5/8-inch horizontal sharpened edge. With this 3 3/8-inch piece tucked into your palm, it can also enhance the pain element of any fist punch you land on your enemy. It will certainly ring the bell of anyone who comes in contact with the flat hardened edge.

The is stealthy set of injection molded weapons weighs only 3.7 ounces, and is easy to carry on your person undetected. If you find you will be traveling on a ninja mission, or a covert assignment, you can easily tuck these polymer knives all over your person. Each piece has a hole to loop onto a lanyard, and is made from a material that is moisture resistant, will stand up to the elements, and is indeed tougher than nails, as it was engineered to be.

Concealed Polymer Weapon Set Highlights:

  • Four(4) Weapons with Sharp Edges
  • High Tech Black Polymer Material
  • Non-Metal, Heat Resistant, and Non-Reflective
  • No Need for Sharpening or Oiling Parts
  • 8-inch Triple Sided Hand Spike
  • 7-inch Vented Handle Throwing Knife
  • 7-inch Partially Serrated Double Edged Knife
  • 3 3/8-inch Knuckle Guard with Horizontal Edge
  • Easy to Conceal and Stash on Person or in Gear
  • Ultimate Stealth Weapons for Covert Missions

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