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Pepper Spray

Nature teaches us many things, and one of those is that if someone sneaks up on you, best to release an instant and irritating cloud of mace and run to safety. Pepper spray is so effective in disarming assailants that law enforcement and security arm their officers with it while they are out on patrol. You can take and carry a can with you when you run, camp, explore, or keep a bottle around for a loved one who otherwise would not be able to defend themselves. Some portable spray weapons come with keyrings, and some even come with UV dye that will stain the skin of an attacker even after they have washed off the offensive spice spray. Effective against the largest and smallest of predators, this EDC weapon is a great choice for a non-lethal defense. Please check your local laws before purchasing or carrying a can of pepper spray around.

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Products 1 - 7 of 7