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6 Unusual Folding Knives

6 Unusual Folding Knives

Folding knives come in all shapes and sizes, but we want to highlight ones that come in shapes and sizes that you don't see everyday! These knives are picked for their unusual shape, materials, or functionality, and all of these weapons are available here at KOMBATIV. With so many different styles and designs to choose from, we chose a few personal folding knives that stand out from the rest. Nothing wrong with the tried and true design of many EDC weapons, but these 6 knives are unusual enough for us to bring them up and show them off!

Rugged Combat Knuckle Knife

What happens when you mash together brass knuckles with a folding knife, then make it compact enough for every day use and carry? You get the Rugged Combat Knuckle Knife. Crafted from stainless steel then given a dark stonewashed finish, this set of folding knuckles is one you just don't see often. The slim knuckles greatly reduce the weight while still offering protection during a punch. With the spring assisted open, you can reveal the sharpened blade quickly and give some slices to where they are needed.

Often referred to as trench knives, the combination of a knuckle handle with a sharpened blade doesn't come up that often, but you can see it on the Black Knuckle Knife. But a set of knuckles on the blade itself?! That's pretty unusual.

Pig-Sticker Folding Knife

The name says it all, and these long and slender sticking knives have been used for home slaughter for as long as people have had livestock. But what the name doesn't talk about is the mechanics of the folding design. The Pig-Sticker Folding Knife is large and in charge, with the sharpened stainless steel blade running 7.25 inches long and reaching a foot long unfolded. When folded, the blade is not completely covered with the handle, which is crafted from a steel liner and wooden scales. The sheath that houses this sticker knife is made of leather so that you can confidently transport it.

While most locking liners have a push release from the center, this hunter's knife has a tab that hangs where the blade meets the handle, and a push of that tab releases the lock and allows the blade to fold into the handle. Though it is still a viable weapon when folded, as it has the double sharpened tip with a clip-point curve! As far as folding knives go, this just isn't one you see everyday!


Quick Draw Karambit

Folding karambits are a force to reckoned with, and this all black version has an innovation that makes it a cut above the rest. Seriously, it unfolds as you pull it out of the sheath, and so it is almost like having a fixed blade karambit with half of the size and weight! The Quick Draw Karambit is constructed of 8Cr13Mov steel, which is a high rating stainless that is known for extreme edge retention. The handle of this folding weapon is made of G10, giving you a slightly textured and very durable way to grip the knife that won't decompose over time or with use. Everything about this karambit is black, from the anodized steel to the Kydex sheath, making it a great stealth weapon that is easy to carry.

This folding karambit made our list because of the way the talon blade gets locked into place by moving it through the sheath. With the carrying case secured directly on your hip, all you have to do is grasp the handle, put a finger through the classic karambit pommel ring, and pull forward. Your opponent will never know that what you're holding is a folding knife, because they will never see it folded! Without the spring-assisted opening mechanism, this karambit is lightweight, and you can always unfold it manually if you don't have the sheath. It's not the weirdest blade shape on a karambit, but the way it gets revealed is definitely different!

Behemoth Folding Cleaver

Have you ever heard of a folding cleaver? Us either. That was, until the Behemoth Folding Cleaver came along and dwarfed all the other cleavers. And it folds in half. This gargantuan stainless steel butcher blade has a hinge right in the center between the handle and almost 4-inch fine edge. The locking mechanism is hefty as well, as it should be, to make sure that the cleaver blade stays open while in use. If there was ever a camping knife to take with you for making dinner on the trial, this is it.

This behemoth folding knife has the squared blade and thick handle you need for some serious chopping action. And when it folds, the blade stows into the handle like any regular-sized pocket knife. There is even a lanyard hole on the handle, but for this massive blade, it is certainly more for a wrist strap! The woven nylon sheath provides a fitted pouch to store you cleaver in between camping trips. Before you unfold this massive and unusual cleaver, make sure that everyone else is a safe distance away!

Jungle Ranger Pocket Karambit

A folding pocket knife should be able to last through just about anything, and be useful for everything. That's the philosophy behind the Jungle Ranger Pocket Karambit, which has a little bit of everything, but still managed to stay, well, little. Don't be fooled by the compact appearance, as this stubby knife has both a straight and serrated blade that is intentionally at an angle to give you the most leverage possible while using. The dagger-pointed tip can puncture, the blade can slice, and the hook on the spine can pry at whatever it is you are battling with that day.

Forged with black anodized German 1065 surgical steel, this knife looks at rust, laughs, and keeps on cutting. The odd blade angle of this folding knife mixed with the security ring at the base of the handle make this compact karambit great for leveraged cuts and slicing cords. But all we know is that the pointed blade that folds into the green G10 handle makes this folding knife turn heads when you pull it out. It's got the pocket clip we need with the tab-activated spring assisted open we love, so this ranger pocket knife is moving quickly to the top of our unusual 'wish list'!

Modern Pocket Cleaver

After the Behemoth Folding Cleaver, why would we add another cleaver to this list? Well, it's because this pocket knife may look similar to a cleaver, but it more resembles a straight shaving razor. So.... what's in a name? The Modern Pocket Cleaver is still the modern pocket knife for the modern gentleman, offering a blade shape that you just don't see around town. Beyond the curved 3.25 inch long 3Cr13 stainless blade with elegant spine vents, you'll witness true class when you engage the spring-assisted opening. This reveals what looks to be a trailing point cleaver blade, a upwards turned curve that leaves the tip as high as or higher than the handle of the knife.

With the curved ergonomic handle and stained wooden handle scales, this classy knife can fit with any outfit or décor. But don't let the good looks fool you, because this spring assisted folding knife can cut with the best of them! At about 4.5-inches long folded and with a sturdy metal clip, this pocket knife has the sophistication of a straight razor while giving you the squared tip of a full-fledged cleaver. This knife will show that you have taste, even if that taste is for the unusual!

BONUS: Foldable Throwing Knives

Not all of our favorite knives made it to the top 6, but this next one is the top honorable mention. The Foldable Throwing Knives has a sharp dagger point on each of the two stainless steel throwing knives. And the best part is they fold. This may be the only pair of foldable throwing knives out there, and just for that, we give them a hearty salute. Then we take aim, reach back, and toss these steel throwers right to the bullseye!

Each 3Cr13 steel knife is balanced at the center, and has a tab-lock mechanism just like any folding pocket knife. Except it is sideways, and it is tasked with making sure these knives stay open as they sail down range. The design of this throwing knife set seems like the fever dream of a bladesmith, and we are so pleased they chose to follow through and make them a reality! The sharpened set comes with a sheath that has a belt loop, and in total, it weighs about 9 ounces. So you won't be pulling muscles as much as you'll be drawing attention from everyone around, sending your foldable throwing knives to the target of your choice!

Which Is Your Favorite?

We don't just love unusual knives, we love hearing what you think about them! Send us a comment or post on our Social Media to let us know your thoughts, musings, and of course, which weapons you are going to take home with you!

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