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Hidden Spikes Nunchaku

Price: $174.95
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Hidden Spikes Nunchaku
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Hidden Spikes Nunchaku

Price: $174.95
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Our metal nunchucks are great for developing strength and speed, and they really pack a punch when used for self-defense. But what if we could make them even more effective? The Hidden Spikes Nunchaku has answered the call.

On the outside, these concealable pointed nunchucks look like your standard pair of aluminum alloy nunchaku. Their machined diamond grips are reminiscent of our Machined Aluminum Nunchaku. In fact, they're almost identical on the surface; If you put them side by side, you couldn't tell them apart.

But this pair of metallic nunchucks has some hidden reinforcements. The bottom 6 inches of each handle unscrews to reveal a SHARP 4.5-inch steel spike. If you were concerned about fending off attackers with your nunchaku technique alone, this weapon means you don't have to. Unscrew the end caps, and you essentially have a pair of icepicks connected by a 5.5-inch ball bearing chain. If your nunchuks aren't delivering the power you want, you have two concealed daggers for backup.

It's important to note that these convertible nunchucks are NOT meant to be swung around with the spikes out. This would be extremely dangerous for you and those around you. These chucks are heavy and the spikes are very sharp; The spikes double their weight, so you're swinging around 2 pounds of aluminum and steel. Although the chain connector is high quality, the weight of the handles could stress it to the point of breaking. Always make sure the end caps are screwed on tightly if you do intend to perform any flips, tricks, or demonstrations with these nunchaku.

If you are not a trained professional, we strongly suggest that you use these hidden weapons FOR DISPLAY ONLY. They would look awesome hanging on your wall or in a display case, and their uniqueness is sure to attract curiosity and spark conversation.

Metal nunchaku are highly effective and highly efficient for training and self defense, but there's always room for some next level modifications. We're ready when you are.

Hidden Spikes Nunchaku Features:

  • Aluminum Alloy Construction
  • Machined Diamond Grips
  • 2 Sharp Steel Spikes Hidden in Handles
  • 2 6" Protective Caps with Threaded Connectors
  • Handle Length: 12" (approx.)
  • Spike Length: 4.5" (approx.)
  • Diameter: 1" (approx.)
  • Total Weight: 2 lbs (approx.)
  • 5.5" Ball Bearing Chain
  • Handmade in the USA

DISCLAIMER: BEWARE! Like many other martial arts weapons, these are extremely dangerous and should only be used by a trained professional! To avoid injury, never swing the nunchaku with the spike(s) out. The steel spikes are extremely sharp!

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