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Black Studded Nunchaku

Price: $22.95
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Black Studded Nunchaku

Price: $22.95
Cannot be shipped to MA. Laws vary by state and municipalities. Please check your local laws to be sure this item is legal to possess before ordering.
With nunchucks ranging in styles from forgiving, foam nunchucks for beginners to the intense metal nunchucks for seasoned martial artists that we offer here at KOMBATIV, wooden nunchucks fall in between these two extremes. Traditional wooden nunchaku have their advantages in practice, but what about a pair of wooden nunchaku that is designed with a little extra potential to cause some damage? These Black Studded Nunchaku are a pair of wood nunchucks with metal studs for brining the pain!

Nunchaku are not only martial arts weapons for dealing blunt force, disarming, or trapping attacks, but are excellent training tools for developing strength, speed, and control. You may train with nunchucks to simply build your skills and confidence, practicing for that rush of finally executing that difficult trick or technique, or you may be motivated to learn this martial arts weapon for self-defense. Regardless of your reasons, wooden nunchakus are great for a martial artist who has graduated from using foam or rattan nunchucks. Less punishing than a pair of metal nunchaku, wood nunchaku help to train strength and speed without risking as much damage to your body or targets.

These wooden studded nunchucks, however, are designed to deal some damage. The ends of the 12" handles are covered with small metal studs, hard points for additional damage on impact. While these circular studs give your strikes some extra pain, they also provide a more secure grip on the cylindrical handles. These durable handles are crafted from solid hardwood and have a glossy black finish. The sleek black handles and silver colored studs will flash through the air as you perform the tricks and spins that you worked hard to perfect. While these black nunchucks have a stylish design, their dark color also makes them good candidates for a concealed self-defense weapon! The shining black gloss and studs will serve as a strong visual warning to an attacker as you wield these wooden nunchaku to defend yourself!

The handles of these studded black nunchucks are connected by a 5.5" metal chain connector. The ball bearing swivels help this chain hold up to the complicated maneuvers and techniques you perform with this martial arts weapon. 1" in diameter, these handles are the average size for a pair of wood chucks. Weighing 13.8 oz, these wooden nunchucks with studs weigh more than foam nunchaku but are lighter than metal nunchaku, heavy enough to build your control, speed, and strength without being unwieldly for someone who does not train with metal nunchakus.

For self-defense, training, or admiration, these wooden nunchaku with studs belong in the hands of trained martial artists and weapon collectors alike. Get a pair of these Black Studded Nunchaku and start practicing today!

Black Studded Nunchaku Highlights:

  • Crafted from Solid Hardwood
  • Metal Studded Handles
  • Ball Bearing Swivel
  • Metal Chain Connector
  • Glossy Black Finish
  • Handle Length: 12"
  • Diameter: 1"
  • Chain Length: Approx. 5.5"
  • Weight: 13.8 oz
  • Sold Individually

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