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Burned Rattan Nunchaku

Price: $22.95
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Burned Rattan Nunchaku

Price: $22.95
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Nunchaku are great training tools for building dexterity and strength, but the road to mastering these martial arts weapons is filled with hard work, practice, and maybe a few bruises. If you think yourself ready to move on from beginner foam nunchaku but aren't quite sure if you are ready to venture into practicing with a pair of hardwood nunchaku, these Burned Rattan Nunchaku are the choice for you! With a unique burned pattern and made of rattan, these rattan nunchucks are the pair of nunchucks for training your developing martial arts skills.

Rattan isn't just a material for patio furniture or crafts. This Southeast Asian palm has a history of use in weapons, such as in the shafts of the Philippine sibat spear and arnis sticks, as well as in training weapons for a variety of martial arts. Durable, rattan will not splinter and is more flexible than a martial arts weapon made of hardwood.

The 12 inch handles of these nunchucks are crafted from rattan and have metal endcaps, each handle with its own unique design. Because rattan is harvested from natural palms, the two handles of these nunchakus will appear slightly different from each other. However, these rattan chucks are still properly balanced for effective use. A dark colored design is burned across the handles, a distinct contrast against the lighter colored rattan. The handles have a glossy finish that not only gives them a shine, but feels smoother against the palm than unfinished rattan. This finish also provides a better grip on the 1 inch diameter cylindrical handles, helping to prevent these rattan nunchakus from slipping out of your hands while you practice. The handle length and diameter are comparable to those of a pair of average wood nunchaku, so when you move on from practicing with these rattan nunchucks, wooden chucks will already have a familiar feel!

Because it is more flexible and lighter weight than wood, rattan is a great material for training nunchucks for a newer martial artist. Weighing 9.7 ounces, these nunchaku are heavy enough to help you develop your techniques, light enough to build your speed, and not as punishing as hardwood or metal when you inevitably hit yourself during practice. A 5.5 inch metal chain connects the handles, secured by a ball bearing swivel to accommodate the technical spins and maneuvers of nunchaku training.

Practicing with this pair of rattan nunchucks can help you build the skills and confidence that you need to move on to using wooden nunchaku and, if you are ambitious, even the extreme metal nunchaku that we handcraft here at KOMBATIV! Take the next step in your martial arts training and get these Burned Rattan Nunchaku today!

Burned Rattan Nunchaku Highlights:

  • Crafted from Rattan Wood
  • Unique Burned Pattern
  • Metal Endcaps and Chain
  • Ball Bearing Swivel
  • Handle Length (with Endcap): 12 inches
  • Diameter: Approx. 1 inch
  • Chain Length: Approx. 5.5 inches
  • Weight: Approx. 9.7 ounces
  • Sold Individually

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