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Striped Rattan Escrima Stick

Price: $19.95
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Striped Rattan Escrima Stick

Price: $19.95
Did you read the disclaimer?:
They say a tiger cannot change their stripes, but is that a bad thing? If you are ready to upgrade your combat game from spots to the next level, then take home a Striped Rattan Escrima Stick to continue your arnis training. This single rattan stick has a burnt pattern along the unpeeled shaft, making this natural reed into a beautiful weapon.

In the Philippines, the plant of rattan grows plentifully and constantly. While the reed is used for creating many every day objects such as furniture, the warriors of ancient tribes also fashioned weapons. The martial arts commonly used with these stick weapons is kali and arnis. These combat style uses two escrima sticks to deliver and block a quick succession of strikes. Because of the abundant nature of the reed, this stick is usually rattan, and is given burnt patterns along its unpeel outer bark.

Using a wood-like material for martial arts has its benefits. The springy rebound of the reed is due to the interwoven fibers around air pockets that form once the reed is dried. This makes the eskrima very lightweight yet durable and strong. While it still has the outer casing, this is to provide a natural grip, and it won't leave you with roughed up palms. The outer shell is also decorated with the stripes of a tiger, in mixed directions, giving a unique look to this fighting kali stick.

Whether you are replacing a broken stick, or widening your escrima collection, this stick will hang with the best of them at your dojo. Arnis training takes time and practice, and the lightweight rattan won't stress out your muscles during your drill sessions. Keep on training, and you'll be able to fight with the ferocity of a tiger!

Striped Rattan Escrima Stick Highlights:

  • One Solid Piece of Rattan
  • Burnt Line Spiraling Down the Shaft
  • Crafted for Arnis Training
  • Unpeel Rattan Reed Provides Extra Grip
  • Natural Aesthetic with Light Brown Color
  • Length: 28 inches (approx.)
  • Diameter: 1 inch (approx.)
  • Approximately 8 ounces, but *Weight Will Vary*
  • Sold Individually

DISCLAIMER: Since rattan is made from a naturally growing reed, there will be characteristics that make each one different from another. This includes joints, diameter and slight natural bowing. If you would like more information about the differences, please contact our customer service line.

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