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Rattan Escrima with Skin

Price: $19.95
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Rattan Escrima with Skin

Price: $19.95
If you are a martial artist learning arnis, a Filipino marital art with an emphasis on weapon techniques, you will need the proper equipment to assist in your training. While arnis sticks come in a variety of materials, ranging from hardwood to the heavy metal escrima sticks handcrafted here at KOMBATIV, rattan is a common fighting stick material for training purposes. This authentic Rattan Escrima with Skin is a traditional style rattan arnis stick, great for practicing arnis safely and effectively!

Crafted from one piece of rattan, this training stick is strong, lightweight, and has beneficial training applications. Durable, rattan is resistant to splintering and shredding. Compared to hardwood, rattan is more flexible, making these rattan escrima sticks easier on the joints during impact training or while making contact. Because these rattan arnis sticks are safer to use sparring drills than a wooden or bladed martial arts weapons, combatants can exercise drills and techniques at full-speed, helping to develop reaction speed, positioning, and timing.

With the skin on, this rattan baston stick has a genuine appearance. A glossy finish coats this 28" long training weapon. This coating not only gives this rattan kali stick a shine under the light, but has a slightly resinous texture that helps your palm grip the 1" diameter of this martial arts weapon. At 7.5 oz in weight, this fighting stick is lightweight, excellent for building speed, coordination, and reaction time as you practice your strikes, parries, and other weapon techniques.

For a traditional style escrima stick to practice arnis, look no further than this Rattan Escrima with Skin. Buy one, or a pair, of these training weapons and build your arnis and self-defense skills!

Rattan Escrima Stick with Skin Highlights:

  • Crafted from One Piece of Rattan
  • Polished Finish
  • Skin On - Authentic Appearance
  • Length: Approx. 28"
  • Diameter: Approx. 1"
  • Weight: Approx. 7.5 oz
  • Great for Practicing Arnis!
  • Sold Individually

Disclaimer: Rattan is a natural material, so each of these rattan kali sticks will have a slightly different appearance from one another. However, if you purchase a pair together, we will try to match the two training sticks as best as possible!

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