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Tiger Rattan Escrima Stick

Price: $22.95
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Tiger Rattan Escrima Stick

Price: $22.95
When practicing arnis, the national martial art of the Philippines, it helps to have a proper training weapon. Depending on what skills you are aiming to build, whether you are looking to learn the martial art or seeking to elevate your strength with one of the handmade metal escrima sticks we offer here at KOMBATIV, there is a different material for every purpose. For a lightweight training stick, try a Tiger Rattan Escrima Stick, a rattan fighting stick that can help you develop your speed and sparring abilities!

Traditional rattan escrima sticks are popular training weapons for arnis in the Philippines. Originally, rattan sticks were used for practicing kali after Spanish colonizers banned the carrying of full-sized swords. However, rattan remains a common arnis stick material today due to its weight, durability, and functionality in training. Durable, rattan is resistant to shredding and splintering and is more flexible than hardwood. Thanks to this flexibility, impact training with rattan martial arts weapons is less likely to cause joint damage over time. Lightweight, rattan fighting sticks allow for fast training and sparring, developing reaction time and technical skills.

This rattan kali stick is crafted from one piece of rattan and has a gorgeous burned pattern down its 28-inch length. This dark colored design contrasts against the lighter rattan beneath and is unique to each training stick. A polished finish gives this rattan arnis stick a slight shine under the light as well as a texture to improve your hold on its 1-inch diameter. One end of this martial arts weapon has beautiful carvings, the grooves enhancing your grip as you practice your strikes, parries, and blocks in stick sparring. At 6.8 oz in weight, this rattan baston stick is lightweight, helping you to build speed in your training.

If you are a martial artist looking to learn arnis or a weapons collector searching for a unique eskrima stick to add to their collection, look no further than one of these traditional style kali training sticks! Get a Tiger Rattan Escrima Stick and practice your kali skills today!

Tiger Rattan Escrima Stick Highlights:

  • Crafted from Rattan
  • Unique Burned Pattern
  • Ornate Carved Grip
  • Length: 28"(approx.)
  • Diameter: 1"(approx.)
  • Weight: 6.8 oz (approx.)
  • Great for Kali Training!
  • Sold Individually

Disclaimer: Because rattan is a natural material, each one of these training sticks will be slightly different from another. However, if you purchase a pair together, we will try to match the two rattan kali sticks as best as possible!

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