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Steel Escrima Staff

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Steel Escrima Staff
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Steel Escrima Staff

Starting At $154.95
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Martial arts is a journey, and part of that journey can involve attempting to learn new martial arts weapons and experimenting with new styles. If you're looking to push yourself in both Arnis and bōjutsu, this Steel Escrima Staff will put your abilities to the test! This handcrafted metal martial arts weapon converts between two escrima sticks and a bō staff, perfect for elevating your training and building your weapon skills!

This two in one martial arts weapon includes a pair of metal kali sticks that convert to form a full-length bo staff. From its two escrima sticks to its center connector piece, each component of this three piece break apart bo staff is crafted from durable, high-strength steel. The two 26" long escrimas are fashioned to appear solid but are hollow with a thick-walled exterior, providing the benefit of durability without being too heavy to effectively wield. Individually, each escrima weighs 2 lbs. These steel arnis sticks securely screw together using the center piece to create the bo staff! The length of the connector determines the overall length and weight of the bo. The 5-foot staff option includes an 8" long connector piece and weighs 5 lbs 4 oz when fully assembled, while the 6-foot staff option includes a 20" long connector and weighs 6 lbs 2 oz. You also have the option of ordering both the 5 and 6 foot staff options, which includes both the 8" and 20" center pieces. This option is great for marital artists who want to adapt their training regimen or for adjusting these escrima stick bo staves for the height of whoever is using it! The break-apart design of this convertible steel bo staff also lends it well to portability. Unscrewing the two escrima ends is all you need to do to convert from bo staff to a set of bastons, leaving you with three compact pieces that are easy to carry and transport to your next practice or martial arts competition! This three piece martial arts staff also comes with its own canvas carrying case.

In addition to portability, this break apart steel bo staff is designed for intense practice sessions. Made from materials such as wood or rattan, traditional bo staffs and arnis sticks don't challenge your strength quite like metal training weapons. Heavier than wood, the steel construction of this metal martial arts staff will take your training to the next level! All parts of these 3 piece bo staffs are made from steel, helping you to develop your strength, stamina, and speed whether you're practicing your bo techniques or Arnis skills. After building your abilities with these steel stick weapons, you'll be ready to swing a wooden weapon with even more speed and power! Both the kali sticks and the center piece have machined diamond grip lines, enhancing your hold as you train your strikes, jabs, and blocks. Unlike wood, steel will not warp or splinter over time. Thanks to the durable steel construction and high-quality craftsmanship, these break apart bo staffs will withstand the trials of your training sessions, not to mention deal out some destructive attacks!

These durable converting bo staffs are effective in both training and practical application. Easy to convert from fighting sticks to bo staffs, these portable metal martial arts weapons are perfect for dedicated marital artists and weapon collectors. Take another step towards your martial arts goals and get one of these Steel Escrima Staffs today!

Steel Escrima Staff Highlights:

  • Hand-forged from High-Strength Steel
  • Includes Two 26" Escrima Sticks
  • Easy Conversion from Escrimas to Bo Staff
  • Machined Diamond Grip Lines on Sticks and Staff
  • Three Length Options:
    • 5 Foot Staff: Approx. 5 lbs 4 oz, 8" Center Piece
    • 8 Foot Staff: Approx. 6 lbs 2 oz, 20" Center Piece
    • Both: Includes Both 8" and 20" Center Pieces for Both the 5 Foot and 6 Foot Staff Options!
  • Weight (One Escrima Stick): 2 lbs
  • Diameter: Approx. 1"
  • Portable - Easy to Convert and Transport!
  • Includes a Canvas Escrima Case
  • Handmade in the USA

Note: Ordering the "Both" option includes both center pieces, which means you get the two 26" escrima sticks, an 8" center piece, and a 20" center piece.

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"Solid. Perfect weight for a workout without hurting anything."
Written By: Brad
3/4/23 - 1:01am
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