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Dark Cyclone Carbon Steel Katana

Price: $199.95
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Dark Cyclone Carbon Steel Katana

Price: $199.95
Against the chilling winds of winter and icy snow stands an unlikely challenger. This daring challenger is the plum blossom, a tenacious flower that blooms even amidst the snow, frost, and wind, almost like an act of defiance against winter itself. Because the plum flower blooms even during the winter, they have come to symbolize endurance, perseverance, and surmounting adversity in Japanese culture. This handmade Dark Cyclone Carbon Steel Katana, an authentic Japanese style sword, takes both the themes of wind and flowers and combines them into a beautiful, high quality katana.

The design of this traditional hand-forged katana is inspired by the element of wind, a prominent concept in godai (Japanese philosophy), as well as the determination of the plum blossom. In Japanese culture, wind represents growth of the mind and the individual through experiences and gained knowledge. Also associated with the freedom of movement, wind signifies the ideas of being elusive or evasive, a fitting symbol for a skilled samurai swordsman. The brass kashira (pommel) and fuchi (collar) of this genuine katana have a flowing wind pattern. The graceful swirls sweep across the black finished brass, detailed grooves and curls depicting the element in motion. To serve as a counterpart to the winds, the tsuba (guard) has a flower design that is reminiscent of the plum blossom. The 3-inch diameter tsuba is made of brass and finished in black. Embellished with the elegant flowering branches of a tree, the tsuba captures the concept of overcoming struggles and trials. These intricate flowers, leaves, and branches rise out of the brass, an ideal complement to the wind patterns of the kashira and fuchi.

The detail of this samurai sword continues throughout its hand made tsuka (handle). At 11.5 inches long, the handle is a fine tribute to the pride in the craftsmanship of katanas. The material of the tsuka is real ray skin, a textured, rough material that improves grip on this wind and flower katana. The white colored rayskin serves as a sharp contrast to the black cotton tsuka-ito (wrap), giving this Japanese style katana a refined appearance. An excellent example of tsukamaki, the art of handle wrapping, the cloth wrappings form an exquisite diamond pattern across the handle. Beneath the cloth handle wrap are gold-colored menuki (handle ornaments). A continuation of the patterns on the kashira and fuchi, the menuki also have an ornate wind design.

Hand forged from 1060 carbon steel, the sharpened blade of this authentic katana maintains the high quality artistry of the other components of this 40.5-inch sword. At 28.5 inches long, the blade was hand crafted through the clay tempered Maru-kitae method and has a genuine hamon line as proof of exceptional workmanship. The sharp blade gleams under light, the undulating, wave hamon line running down its length. To lighten the weight of the subtly curved blade, a blood groove runs opposite the ripple line. Weighing 2 pounds and 6 ounces while unsheathed, the weight of this traditional katana is comfortable and assuring in the hands.

While this handcrafted samurai katana can be admired outside of its saya (sheath), the saya itself is a work of art as well. The wooden saya has a glossy black lacquer finish that shines while on display. Black sageo cords are expertly tied around the gold colored shito-dome on the sheath. If you wish to display this handmade weapon among your other Japanese style swords, the sword is 41.5 inches long and weighs 2 pounds and 13.5 ounces while sheathed in its gorgeous black scabbard. However, you may choose to preserve this Japanese style sword by storing it in its black cloth sword bag with a tie. Thanks to its high quality design, this traditional katana will retain its distinguished beauty for years to come.

All the components of this hand forged katana embody the artistry of crafting samurai swords, from its sharp carbon steel blade and ripple line, to its genuine ray skin tsuka with a diamond patterned wrap and detailed menuki, to its symbolic flower tsuba and wind kashira and fuchi. For an elegant and significant addition to your collection of katanas, add the Dark Cyclone Carbon Steel Katana!

Dark Cyclone Carbon Steel Katana Highlights:

  • Hand Forged with Clay Tempered Maru-Kitae Method
  • Sharp 1060 Carbon Steel Blade
  • Full-Tang and Genuine Hamon Line
  • Overall Length Sheathed: 41.5"
  • Overall Length Unsheathed: 40.5"
  • Total Weight Sheathed: Approx. 2 lbs 13.5 oz
  • Sword Weight Unsheathed: Approx. 2 lbs 6 oz
  • Blade Length: 28.5"
  • Handle (Tsuka) Length: 11.5"
  • Tsuba Diameter: 3"
  • Ornate Flower Blossom and Branch Tsuba
  • Wind Pattern Fuchi (Sleeve) and Pommel
  • Gold Colored Menuki (Handle Ornaments)
  • Real White Ray Skin Tsuka
  • Black Cotton Handle Wrapping
  • Black Brass Kashira and Fuchi
  • Black Lacquered Wood Scabbard
  • Black Sageo Cord
  • Gold Colored Shito-Dome
  • Cloth Sword Bag with Tie
  • Certificate of Authenticity

*Sword stand not included.

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