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Sword Cleaning Kit

Price: $17.95
Sword Cleaning Kit
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Sword Cleaning Kit

Price: $17.95
A sword is more than just a display piece. With masterfully forged blades and beautifully crafted handles and fittings, swords are functional works of art. Preserving the magnificence of bladed weapons for future admirers or users involves proper maintenance and care. This Sword Cleaning Kit is a Japanese style sword maintenance kit for giving your treasured weapon the treatment it deserves. This sword care kit includes what you need to make the blade of your Japanese swords, katanas, wakizashis, and other swords last for years to come.

This katana cleaning kit includes the items and tools necessary to preserve the integrity of a Japanese sword:

Choji Oil: Choji oil is a mineral oil that is designed to create a layer of protection on a blade. Even samurai used choji oil to preserve their blades against the elements and rust. This blade cleaning kit includes one bottle of choji oil.
Rice Paper Cleaning Cloths: This katana cleaning kit includes three lint-free rice papers. These soft cloths are used to clean dust off the katana and distribute oil without leaving damaging debris behind. This samurai sword care kit provides three cleaning cloths so you will not not have reuse cloths for different steps of the cleaning process.
Uchiko Powder Ball: This sword maintenance kit includes an uchiko powder ball. The uchiko ball is filled with a finely ground mineral powder that is sprinkled on the blade. This powder is a fine abrasive that absorbs excess oil and moisture and cleans the steel, maintaining the finish. Use uchiko powder with discretion, however, as using excess powder can damage a blade, and uchiko powder isn't suited for all types of swords.
Mekuginuki (Hammer) and Mekugi (Pegs) The handle of a Japanese sword has mekugi, or pegs, that secure the handle and blade in place. These pins can be removed to examine the tang of the blade or remove the tsuka (handle). Mekugi can be taken out using a mekuginuki, a hammer-like tool. This katana care kit includes a brass mekugi-nuki for removing pegs and two spare mekugi, as a damaged mekugi peg should not be used. A small plastic container with a lid is also provided for holding any mekugi, menuki (ornaments), or other small pieces removed while cleaning.
Wooden Box: These sword maintenance supplies come in one wooden box. This wooden box is 7.5" x 2.5" x 2.5" and has black kanji written on its lid. This compact container holds all of the equipment and cleaning tools, easy to store alongside your collection of samurai swords or bladed weapons.

Regardless of which type of swords you admire, blades will appreciate treatment from one of these sword maintenance kits. Give your cherished katana or samurai sword the proper care and maintenance with one of these Sword Cleaning Kits!

Sword Cleaning Kit Highlights:

    • One (1) Bottle of Choji Oil
    • Three (3) Rice Paper Cleaning Cloths
    • One (1) Uchiko Powder Ball
    • One (1) Brass Mekuginuki (Hammer)
    • Two (2) Spare Mekugi (Pegs)
    • One (1) Plastic Container with Lid
  • Comes in a Wooden Box with Black Kanji
  • Box Dimensions: 7.5" x 2.5" x 2.5" (approx.)
  • Great for Maintaining Swords and Blades!

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