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Steel San Setsu Kon

Price: $124.95
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Steel San Setsu Kon

Price: $124.95
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Martial arts weapons like nunchaku and other chain weapons test those who practice with them in speed, coordination, and dexterity. San setsu kons are notorious for their versatility and difficulty to control, but some ambitious martial artists seek the challenge of mastering three section staves. If you are looking to push your abilities and strength by training with a heavy metal triple staff, or perhaps you are seeking a 3-section staff that is even heavier than our Machined Aluminum 3-Section Staff or the Ribbed Grip Aluminum 3-Section Staff, then this handmade Steel San Setsu Kon is for you!

With functionalities at long, medium, and short ranges, sansetsukons have multiple applications as both combat and self-defense weapons. Effective like a pair of nunchaku or escrima sticks at shorter ranges and a whip or flail at longer ranges, three section staffs are versatile martial arts weapons. However, like other chain weapons, three sectional staffs can be challenging to wield, with improper techniques forcing the user to regain control over their weapon, putting the user in a disadvantageous position or even causing personal injury. Hence, 3-section staffs are not weapons for beginners or inexperienced martial artists.

However, if you have practiced your three section staff techniques, honing your abilities over countless training sessions, then you may be ready to push yourself to the next level in your martial arts goals with this metal sansetsukon! This handcrafted weapon is constructed from steel, an unforgiving, high-strength material. While the steel handles and metal chains make this 3 section staff more painful to the wielder when used incorrectly, it can deliver some more punishing blows as a self-defense weapon! The durable steel makes the handles of this hand forged triple nunchaku less prone to breaking from repeated use. In addition to increasing its sturdiness and potential to cause damage, the steel construction of this 3 section staff also make it a highly-effective training weapon for building strength and stamina! Weighing an impressive 3 lb 9 oz, training with this steel sansetsukon can improve your upper body strength and allow you to translate your newly enhanced speed and control to other, lighter sansetsukons!

The handles of this steel three-section staff are 14" long and are connected by strong 5" metal chains, making it 49" in total length. With ball bearing swivels, this three sectional staff can handle the complicated techniques and spins you execute as you use this martial arts weapon in training or defending yourself. Although you may be concerned that your hands will slip on the hand-crafted steel as you work up a sweat, the cylindrical handles have machined grip lines and grooves for improving your hold on this weapon!

As a martial artist seeking to push their abilities and elevate their training or a collector looking to add a unique piece to their weapon collection, this metal chain sansetsukon is what you need! Add this Steel San Setsu Kon to your selection of training weapons today!

Steel San Setsu Kon Highlights:

  • Constructed from Steel
  • Machined Grip Lines
  • Metal Chain Connectors
  • Ball Bearing Swivels
  • Overall Length: 49" (approx.)
  • Section Length: 14" (approx.)
  • Chain Length: 5" (approx.)
  • Weight: 3 lb 9 oz (approx.)
  • Hand Made in the USA

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