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Pink Collapsible Bo Staff

Price: $104.95
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Pink Collapsible Bo Staff

Price: $104.95

You may already be a fan of our Collapsible Bo Staff and our other exclusive telescoping staffs, such as our Metallic Collapsible Bo Staff, but we have yet another unique variation on this martial arts weapon available for your practice, demonstration, and self-defense needs. The Pink Expandable Bo Staff is hand forged weapon that has a stylish pink rubber handle! Slightly shorter than our other collapsing staves, this black and pink training staff is constructed from steel and collapses into a slim, compact baton for transport.

Bo staffs are martial arts weapons that serve as both training and self defense weapons, used to execute thrusting, striking, and swinging techniques. However, traditional bo and jo staffs are long, difficult to transport or conceal. Brining a wooden or metal bo staff to a bojutsu competition or promotional test across the country can prove challenging, let alone brining one to the gym or studio for practice. This pink and black staff, however, is a telescoping weapon that collapses into a 20 inch baton, making it easy carry or conceal this expandable staff in a gym bag or vehicle as you bring it to your next practice session or martial arts event. With a quick flick of the wrist, the two ends simultaneously extend from the handle, transforming this weapon into a 50 inch long bo staff! This collapsible staff is slightly shorter than our standard Expandable Bo Staff, making it an excellent choice for younger or smaller martial artists. A friction lock feature keeps the ends from collapsing while you use this black and pink weapon during training, demonstrating you kata, or defending yourself.

To return this collapsible bo staff weapon to its portable baton form, drive each end of the shaft against a hard surface and follow through. Don't worry about breaking one of these expanding staffs - the ends of these handmade weapons are crafted from durable steel! The telescoping ends of this steel staff have solid metal endcaps. Although this martial arts weapon is constructed from sturdy metal, its weight is manageable. This handcrafted bo staff weighs 2 pounds and 8 ounces, a great weight to help you build strength and speed during training while lightweight enough to store and transport with ease. This metal bo has a pink handle at its center, a bright contrast against the black-finished steel. However, this handle isn't just for aesthetics. With a rubber diamond pattern grip, the handle helps you keep a secure hold on one of these metal staffs as you swing it during your exercises!

Martial artists and people who enjoy the color pink alike will appreciate one of these expandable bo staffs. These unique, high quality collapsing staffs also make great additions to a martial arts weapon collection! Get a Pink Expandable Bo Staff for yourself, a friend, or an aspiring martial artist you know!

Pink Expandable Bo Staff Highlights:

  • Pink Rubber Diamond-Pattern Grip
  • Black Steel Ends
  • Solid Endcaps
  • Length (Open): 50 inches (approx.)
  • Length (Collapsed): 20 inches (approx.)
  • Weight: 2 pounds 8 ounces (approx.)
  • Handmade in the USA
  • Patent Pending Design

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