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What's so special about the Machined Aluminum Nunchaku?

Whats so special about the Machined Aluminum Nunchaku?

Our drive to assemble the best weapons using high quality materials has led to the creation of the Machined Aluminum Nunchaku, a set of nunchucks that are ideal for both training and self-defense. These nunchucks are a blend of traditional weapon styles with innovative designs and materials. In today's post, we go a little into our thinking behind some of the design choices we made with these metal nunchucks.

For one thing, we make these metal nunchaku out of a thick-walled hollow aluminum alloy. We wanted strong nunchucks that wouldn't be too heavy. The aluminum alloy material is thick enough that the Machined Aluminum Nunchaku will withstand a lot of abuse and still work just as well as they did the day you got them. By being hollow, we avoid the problem of nunchucks that are too heavy. While there is value in practicing with heavy training nunchucks that teach your body to use more of your strength, we designed these metal nunchucks for typical training involving fast movement. We also intended these to be nunchucks you could use for self-defense in the real world. Solid chucks might deal some serious damage, but they do so at the expense of fast movement. Because solid nunchucks look nice, we chose to fashion the end caps to give the appearance of a solid construction.
We also designed the Machined Aluminum Nunchaku with a distinct a diamond grip pattern. While we can't help but notice that this pattern makes the metal chucks look pretty sweet, our intention was actually more practical. This machining keeps your grip on the handles secure by increasing the surface area of the handles and providing a channel for sweat from your palms, which can often cause slippage. When you start to get really good with nunchaku, your palms can sweat a lot and you tend to move pretty quickly. Anything that keeps your hold secure will prevent your nunchucks from slipping out of your fingers and crashing into a nearby wall, television, or window.
We like to think that the diamond grip and the combination of power and lightness with these metal nunchucks makes them like nothing else out there. As with everything made in our United States facility, we place high standards on the Machined Aluminum Nunchaku. Our experienced team of weapons manufacturers hand-makes and scrutinizes each set of metal chucks before we send them out to you. 
You can see the results of our innovation efforts in the video below. We think you'll enjoy these nunchucks, whether you want to train or defend yourself. We made these nunchucks with dedicated martial artists in mind, but they're also perfect for casual practitioners and even passionate weapons collectors.



Feel free to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the other social media channels to see our new weapons as they are released. If you have any questions about the Machined Aluminum Nunchaku or any of our other unique weapons, drop us an email ( or call us at 1-800-696-0436. 

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