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What's so special about the Machined Aluminum Nunchaku?
Whats so special about the Machined Aluminum Nunchaku?

Our drive to assemble the best weapons using high quality materials has led to the creation of the Machined Aluminum Nunchaku, a set of nunchucks that are ideal for both training and self-defense. These nunchucks are a blend of traditional weapon styles with innovative designs and materials. In today's post, we go a little into our thinking behind some of the design choices we made with these metal nunchucks.

What is Kombativ?
What is Kombativ?

We are a group of talented martial arts enthusiasts and machinists who have grown tired of seeing poor-quality martial arts weapons made in other countries. We knew that we could do a better job and sought to provide a way for high quality weapons to get into the hands of dedicated martial artists right here in the United States. 

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