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Black Flat-Ended Kubotan

Price: $11.95
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Black Flat-Ended Kubotan

Price: $11.95
The modern version of the yawara stick, the kubotan is a non-lethal compliance weapon for self-defense. These compact weapons may look like a simple rod or a key fob, but in the hands of a trained user, kubotans are highly effective close combat weapons! This Black Flat-Ended Kubotan is a metal kubotan keychain with a blunt end. Hanging from your keys or hidden in your pocket, this black kubotan is ready for deterring an attacker and keeping you safe!

Although kubatans may not appear intimidating or dangerous, they have a variety of applications as close range self-defense weapons. Kubatons are non-lethal weapons that function through pain compliance techniques. Like yawara sticks, a kubatan can be used as pressure point weapon, painfully digging into the sensitive areas of an attacker's body. Held in your fist, a kubotan can focus the impacts of your strikes into a smaller area as a jabbing weapon or can be used as a fistload. Kubotans can even help you gain leverage over an attacker's joints and cause them to release their grip!

This black kubotan appears unassuming at first glance. With a dark black finish, this kubotan looks like an innocent key fob or keychain, hiding in plain sight. This kubaton has a metal keyring for attaching it to your keys, keeping it accessible the moment you need it to defend yourself. At this 5.5 inches long and weighting 2.3 ounces, this black kubaton can also be concealed in your pocket or bag as a compact everyday carry weapon!

Just because this kubaton is small and lightweight, however, does not mean that it is flimsy or ineffective! Constructed from durable aluminum, this sturdy kubotan can deliver painful strikes to an assailant. At 0.5 inches in diameter, this metal kubotan concentrates the power of your strikes into a small area, giving you a chance to stop your attacker and get to safety! With round grooves for grip, you won't have to worry about this kubatan keychain slipping out of your hands as you defend yourself. This blunt kubotan has a flat end for delivering your techniques without risking unnecessary bodily harm to an assailant. Without a spike, this flat end kubaton also looks less like a weapon, making it easier to conceal!

These flat end metal kubotans are excellent nonlethal self-defense weapons that you can carry to protect yourself in a close-quarters encounter. Small, portable, and easy to conceal, these kubotan keychains make fantastic everyday carry weapons. Be prepared to defend yourself and get one of these Black Flat-Ended Kubotans for yourself or someone you know today!

Black Flat Ended Kubotan Highlights:

  • Durable Aluminum Construction
  • Dark Black Finish
  • Grooves for Grip
  • Metal Keyring Attachment
  • Blunt End - No Spike
  • Length: Approx. 5.5 inches
  • Diameter: Approx. 0.5 inches
  • Weight: Approx. 2.3 ounces
  • Small Size - Great EDC Weapon!
  • Easy to Carry and Conceal!

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