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New Competition Escrima Sticks

New Competition Escrima Sticks
This just in: We've got a new line of lightweight escrima sticks that are perfect for martial arts demonstrations.

The Black Competition Escrima
Many of our metal weapons are designed with training in mind. For example, the Machined Steel Escrima Stick is built like your typical escrima, but is made out of thick-walled hollow steel so that it weighs around two pounds. Just a few minutes of practice with a heavy stick like this, and you'll come to realize what a serious workout heavy weapons can provide. Practicing with heavy metal weapons like this trains your body to apply more force.

Once you've trained your body to apply extra power, you will find that you move faster and harder with lighter kali sticks. That additional force is where our new line of competition escrima sticks, such as our Black Competition Escrima come in. These metal escrimas are lightweight, being hollow and having a 1/16" inch thick walls, so that you can use your heavy-metal training to move faster and harder with your moves.

Because of the thin-walled design, it's a good idea to avoid using these escrima sticks to deliver powerful blows to people, targets, or brick walls. Not only would you likely bend the Lightweight Silver Escrima Stick with your enhanced power, but you might chip off the anodized finish of the Green or Red Competition Kali Stick. If you're going to use these competition escrima sticks for martial arts demonstrations, it's best to keep them in pristine condition for a professional look.

In addition to the colors listed above, the competition metal escrima sticks also come in Blue and Gold.

Feel free to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the other social media channels to see our new weapons as they are released. If you have any questions about our escrima sticks or any of our other unique weapons, drop us an email ( or call us at 1-800-696-0436.

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