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Two Weapons in One with the 2-Piece Expandable Bo Staff

Two Weapons in One with the 2-Piece Expandable Bo Staff

 We have taken a lot of time to perfect our two-piece expandable bo staff and now it's available to you, but what is it good for? What do the different configurations even mean? We're glad you asked.

This versatile staff has two forms, giving you the kind of versatility you should appreciate. The main configuration of this retractable weapon is the staff form. This collapsible bo expands to a full 62 inches from end to end. You've just got to give the collapsed form a hard twist and both the centrepital force and the friction-lock design will keep the ends in place. The innovative staff is great for all sorts of bo staff moves. The black steel staff is especially impressive to demonstrate your kata and spins.
The other configuration of the 2-piece staff manifests when you use the quick-connect feature to detach the two halves and create two 31" collapsible batons. Dual wielding extendable truncheons is a healthy activity. The strikes concentrate force at the tip, which creates hard impacts that cause deep pain to your target.
Whether you have the staff in its full-length configuration or its dual baton form, retracting it is easy. Just drive the ends into a hard surface with enough force to break the friction lock and allow each telescoping end to lock into place.
Connected and collapsed, the staff is suddenly only 24 inches long, which is pretty convenient for storage. You can even order the optional vinyl case or side holsters for easy transportation.
Here, we've made a video demonstrating the 2-Piece Expandable Bo Staff:



We're sure you'll love your expandable bo staff, so don't wait any longer. You'll find it nowhere else (patent pending). Order yours today!

Feel free to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the other social media channels to see our new weapons as they are released. If you have any questions about the 2-Piece Expandable Bo Staff or any of our other unique weapons, drop us an email ( or call us at 1-800-696-0436.

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