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Titanium Manriki-Gusari

Price: $149.95
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Titanium Manriki-Gusari

Price: $149.95
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Ancient battle weapons may seem like a thing of the past, but they are alive and well today. The Titanium Manriki-Gusari shows how to can combine traditional tactics with modern materials. While you strive to master your budō, this set of lightweight titanium handles with a steel chain will give you the versatile submission weapon you need to train harder without adding weight to your routine.

This powerful chain weapon has deep roots in martial arts, and now with modern machining, it comes to you with one of the strongest metals available, which is durable enough for a lifetime of use. With a total weight of 17.8 ounces, this meteor-style Kung Fu chain weapon can be carried easily in your gear bag, or in your day bag for constant self-defense. Each handle reaches 6.25" and the chain stretches to 31.25", with a total length of 44.25" with the swivel attachments. Kept as 'bloodless' protection in feudal Japan, this martial arts tool can be used for choking or restraining an enemy, thrown to trip or deter incoming aggressors, and swung around to strike opponents without getting close enough for knife attacks.

As you continue to drill your martial arts forms and katas, you'll find this high quality metal weapon to be lightweight and ultra-durable. Each cylindrical handle has a diamond pattern machined around the grip section to make sure your weapon stays in your hand as you swing or pull. The chain has 3/4" links that are welded snug together, ensuring you can swing and toss this manriki around without fear of detachment. The 1" diameter handles are connected to the cross chain with ball-bearing swivel links, meaning they will spin easily in either direction when needed, similar to the fastener links found on chained nunchaku. Perfect for long range attacks, this titanium kusari- fundo can be secretly carried and deployed to distract or detain an opponent without the overtly lethal features of a throwing star or knife. While the handles are larger than traditional versions, you will find them useful for better grip control, a larger striking object, and more to hold while subduing an enemy with the chained section.

Manrikigusari translates to "10 thousand power chain", and this titanium adaptation lives up to that name. Ninjas are commonly depicted with manriki on television, but the art form of controlling a throwing chain can only be learned with dedication and disciplined hours at the dojo. And with many hours of practice, a heavy metal implement will cause fatigue and muscle strain, so the less weight you have to repeatedly throw around, the better. Take your training to the next level by entering the titanium level with this legendary combat weapon.

Titanium Manriki-Gusari Highlights:

  • Handles Crafted from Titanium
  • Diamond-Grip Design
  • Versatile Ball-Bearing Swivels
  • Total Length: Approximately 44.25"
  • Total Weight: Approximately 17.8 ounces
  • Approximately 31.25" Steel Chain
  • Handle Length: Approximately 6.25"
  • Handle Diameter: Approximately 1"
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Excellent Self-Defense Weapon

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