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Armored Stun Baton

Price: $49.95
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Armored Stun Baton

Price: $49.95
5.00 Star(s) (1 Reviews)
Cannot be shipped to CT, HI, MA, MI or RI. Laws vary by state and municipalities. Please check your local laws to be sure this item is legal to possess before ordering.
Are you looking to arm yourself with a stun weapon that has a little more functionality than handheld stun guns? This Armored Stun Baton is a powerful stun weapon equipped with a high powered electric shock, LED flashlight, and a glass breaker! With a sturdy aluminum body, five flashlight modes, and spiked stun gun contact points, this metal stun baton is designed to handle the demands of a personal defense encounter!

This flashlight stun baton is loaded with features to increase its effectiveness as a self-defense weapon. Overall, at 22 inches long this long-reach stun gun is just under 2 feet, long enough to give you the extra distance you need when engaging a dangerous attacker or threat. Crafted from high-strength type III aluminum alloy, a metal with improved wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and surface hardness, this durable stun baton is built to take a beating! The surface of the baton shaft has a jagged, raised surface for delivering punishing impacts and strikes. Thanks to its lightweight aluminum construction, this 1 pound, 3.3 ounce stun bat is easy to swing but heavy enough to deliver some solid bludgeoning blows! With a rubberized grip, the 7 inch handle provides a comfortable, secure hold as you swing and strike to protect yourself. The metal body of this stun club isn't its only useful feature in a self-defense situation, however. At the end of this tactical stun baton is a high-voltage stun gun with a spiked 1.5 inch diameter contact point! While you dig the pointed metal prongs into your assailant and discharge the powerful stun, you can incapacitate your threat with a painful electric shock that can cause loss of muscle control and disorientation!

This heavy duty stun baton has more utility than your average everyday carry weapon. Operating this stun rod is simple. The bottom of the handle has a red safety button to ensure the stun weapon doesn't accidentally discharge or drain its batteries. Fully pressing the button will turn the electric baton on or off. A green indictor light will illuminate to show that the baton is on. Pushing forward on the switch on the handle will turn on the flashlight at end of this stun rod! This LED flashlight has five modes: High, Medium, Low, Strobe, and SOS. Half-pressing the safety button will cycle through the different modes. With its bright flashlight, this multi-functional stun baton can help you stay aware of your surroundings or signal for aid. During a self-defense situation, you can even shine the flashlight in your attacker's eyes to temporarily distract or blind them! Pushing the switch towards the handle will arm the stun and a red light will indicate that the shock is ready to discharge. Pressing the button below the switch will activate the stun! In addition to a flashlight and stun gun, this shock baton has an optional glass breaker attachment. Screwing into the bottom of the handle over the safety button, this metal window breaker is a great tool for emergency and rescue scenarios!

This shock baton has a matte black finish with silver colored accents, a practical and discreet design. Concealed in your car door or bag, this stealthy black stun baton won't draw unwanted attention. Keeping this stun nightstick ready to use is easy thanks to its rechargeable batteries! Each of these rechargeable flashlight stun batons comes with its own batteries and a wall charger included. After charging your personal defense weapon at a suitable outlet, you'll be prepared to defend yourself as you walk through the streets, navigate the parking garage, or run some nighttime errands!

Stun weapons are fantastic self-defense weapons that can help you feel safe, secure, and prepared. With their heavy duty construction, powerful shocks, and LED flashlights, these baton stun guns are portable, multi-functional, and highly effective in personal protection encounters. Add one of these Armored Stun Batons to your selection of everyday carry weapons today!

Armored Stun Baton Highlights:

  • Constructed from Type III Aluminum Alloy
  • Matte Black with Silver Colored Accents
  • Red Colored Safety Button
  • High-Powered Electric Stun
  • 5-Mode LED Flashlight:
    • Mode 1: High
    • Mode 2: Medium
    • Mode 3: Low
    • Mode 4: Strobe
    • Mode 5: SOS
  • Non-Slip Rubberized Grip Handle
  • Optional Glass Breaker Attachment
  • Spiked Metal Contact Points
  • Switch with Function Indicator Lights
  • Rechargeable Batteries with Wall Charger
  • Overall Length: Approx. 22 inches
  • Handle Length: Approx. 7 inches
  • Shaft Diameter: Approx. 1.5 inches
  • Weight: Approx. 1 pound 3.3 ounces
  • Great Everyday Carry Weapon!

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5 star review
"Absolutely love this for self defense. I’m in a wheelchair so this is very good for me.very sturdy feels good in the hand. Super bright flashlight. I will be returning to purchase other products.highly recommend"
Written By: Mark
4/2/24 - 2:04pm
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