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7-Point Silver Ninja Star

Price: $9.95
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7-Point Silver Ninja Star

Price: $9.95
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Ninja tactics were known to be non-conventional and fierce, taking whatever steps necessary to accomplish the mission. The use of throwing stars, or shuriken, developed from the need to misdirect guards away from doorways or to lure them closer to silence them. The actions of ninjas are legendary, and with modern throwing weapons, you can train and practice to develop the accuracy and precision that these lethal warriors were known to deliver. Start your journey towards shurikenjutsu with the 7-Point Silver Ninja Star.

With the fluctuation of power in feudal Japan, the shinobi were always in demand for helping to tip the scales by overpowering and forcing the shogun to sign away their domains. Ninjas preferred to act in stealth and silence rather than with loud explosions or extravagant sword play. They were disciplined in the martial art of ninjutsu so they could deliver merciless blows with their sharpened throwing stars before anyone in the compound was wise to their arrival. The 7 pointed ninja shuriken is popular for the multiple spikes and well balanced feel. This stainless steel throwing weapon has an edge to each point in a fanning formation around the center. While they are sharp, the edges are not fine enough to break skin, but they will cause serious damage to a target once the shuriken is thrown full force. They can also be sharpened further to create a blade-like edge with the correct knowledge and tools. The seven points make this weapon more impactful during attack, as it increases the likelihood of sticking to the wing chun dummy or other practice apparatus.

Shurikenjutsu is still practiced today, and the artform has developed along with the various throwing weapons. At 2 ounces, this silver colored ninja star won't be a burden to carry around, as it can also be placed on your belt with the woven nylon case. The hole in the center is machined to 5/16-inch, both to reduce the overall weight and to give your fingers tactile feedback of where the center point is. This steel throwing star is durable and will last through any number of throws you can put behind it. The ninjutsu train many different ways of aim and release, and this 4-inch diameter throwing knife can handle them all. Just remember to give it a clean wipe before slipping it back into the case, if you are able to retrieve it that is.

Other than misdirecting and impaling enemies, ninja shuriken can be thrown into the ground to prevent being followed, or dipped in poison and thrown into food or water receptacles. These sharp steel throwing stars are designed to last, with solid construction and perfectly spaced pointed tips. It won't be hard to find a space in your shuriken collection for this 7 point star. Start your shinobi training or continue your journey with this sturdy steel ninja throwing weapon!

7 Point Silver Ninja Star Highlights:

  • Single Piece Stainless Steel
  • Seven (7) Pointed Star Spikes
  • Dual 1-inch Sharpened Edge on Each Point
  • Durable 3mm Thickness (approx.)
  • Star Weight: 2 ounces (approx.)
  • Star Diameter: 4 inches (approx.)
  • Balanced and Comfortable Weight
  • Black Protective Case with Belt Loop
  • Durably Made for Rigorous Practice

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